Must Listen, Must View, Must Read  

Below are a collection of great resources to help you grow and reach your personal and professional potential.

One of the ways you can grow and reach your potential is to listen, view and read. With technology advancing there are multiple opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. As I design the life that I want to have and step into my potential, I have found these resources below to be very worthwhile to listen to, view or read and so I thought I would share them with you.


How to have a Good Day – Caroline Webb

The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown


These books can be purchased from Good reads as well as Amazon. You can also download them and listen to them on audible.

Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser

How to have a good day by Caroline Webb

Experiencing Fathers Embrace by Jack Frost



Whether a coach or client, below are links to websites that you might find useful to explore.

International Coaching Federation

Gallup Strengths Centre

Leading Humans

Bethel Coaching

‘Allyson helped me to develop a specific personal fitness goal during our coaching sessions. This was my first experience being coached and Allyson provided a personalised experience that allowed me to explore different aspects of my life that ultimately lead to me becoming a better version of myself. This improved my personal and professional worlds in more way than one. Allyson was empathetic, understanding and personable. She provided in-depth guidance to ensure my goal suited my lifestyle and was attainable with small, achievable steps. I would highly recommend Allyson as a coach!’