We believe in empowering the next generation of girls to be all they can be. We partner with local, national and global projects to provide opportunity for young women to reach their potential in life.

You can Partner with Design Coaching in short or long term projects by:


One time Sponsorship


On going monthly support


One of our local SHE Generation projects was Girl Life. This program ran successfully over 11 years, equipping over 500 girls in Blackwater and surrounding districts with tools to be healthy on the inside and out as they transitioned from Primary School to Highschool.

This 10 week program gave them the tools to respect and take care of their body as well as equip them in the areas of emotional and mental resilience. The program had great credibility throughout the community. Our teams consisted of teachers across primary and high school, community helpers, chaplains, teacher aides and high school students who had participated in the program in the past. 


‘Sometimes I feel like I dont matter but Girl Life made me realise that I do’.

‘When doing life I know that my thoughts count’.

‘I learnt that I shouldn’t compare myself to others all the time’.

‘No comparing, I shouldn’t worry what other people say’.

‘Girl Life helped me overcome hard times at school’. 

‘Now I can talk and help others because I am stronger’.

‘Girl Life made me think about the choices I made’.

‘Girl Life helped me prepare for highschool.  I have the bands to look at and that reminds me how to think and react’.