At Design Coaching we are passionate about empowering people to reach their personal and professional potential.

Design coaching has 5 core values.

This is what we believe is important in our work with individuals and organisations.


We are wired for connection. It is the longing of the human heart to know and be known.

Every human longs to be believed in, to be valued and respected, to be included, to be part of a tribe. When we connect with someone our brain is wired to see that person as friend rather than a foe. Our brain is more likely to stay in a reward state rather than threat state.  Psychologically we feel safe and have a greater chance of clarity, creativity and the ability to solve problems and make wise decisions.  At Design Coaching we believe in authentic relationships where we intentionally invest in people and champion the change process in those we work with.

The gift of relationship is the linchpin for transforming people

Tony Stoltzfus – Leadership Coaching


We focus on quality conversations that encourage quality thinking which lead to quality outcomes. Brain friendly conversations create a healthy chemical cocktail in your brain and the brain of others. Brain friendly conversations focus on building trust and creating a place of psychological safety. Building and maintaining trust supports effective and useful conversations which leads to an increase in learning, new thinking, changes in behaviour, increased motivational levels and enhanced performance.

Conversations of substance are where people leave a conversation with different thinking then when they came.

Michelle Loch – Leading Humans – Conversation of Substance




Coaching is the art of helping people make changes in their thinking and behaviour which help them to get to where they want to go without telling them what to do.

Coaching is a powerful tool to develop people and help improve their performance.

We support individuals to learn and develop, explore new challenges, test ideas and think more broadly and creatively around solving problems.

We foster individual ownership and accountability in a safe environment.

The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell. A person of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.

Peter Drucker  


The Design Space is a creative space.  It’s the space where you create the personal and professional life that you want. It’s a space where inspiring goals are created, the future us imagined, thoughts are expanded, new thinking happens, insights are revealed, ideas are generated and actions are created.  Creativity is the ability to form something new and valuable for use in this world. Our human brain has capacity for imagination and vison which means you can create things that you’ve never created before. We are creative being. The problem is not our ability to create its what gets in the way of our creativity that is the problem. Creatively is most likely to happen when we are relaxed, our brain is in a towards state and we are not thinking about the problem or the past but focusing on an ideal future.

Michelle Loch – My Brain is my Business


At Design Coaching we honour uniqueness. We believe each person has distinctive personality and giftings to positively influence the world around them.  At Design we take a growth mindset approach to coaching. We encourage effort over outcome which help people get better at the things which will bring a successful outcome. We also make progress visible to help maintain motivation and energy. We maintain a towards focus attitude in the coaching relationship acknowledging growth, potential and a person’s strengths and character.  In doing this we give attention to the rights things which help create new wiring or reinforce the wiring which brings about the desired behaviour.

Words create worlds

Judith E Glaser

Is there more in you as an individual or that you want as a leader for your organisation than what you are experiencing right now?

As an individual or organisation are you stuck and want to move forward?

Is there something you or your organisation want to achieve but hot sure how to get there?

Do you need a thought partner, someone to be accountable to, someone to challenge you and cheer you on and will help you go after your potential.

Is there an area where you personally want to grow and develop?

Is Coaching what you need?

At Design Coaching we are passionate about helping humans reach their personal and professional potential. We work with …….


Who value their lives want to invest in themselves to reach their personal and professional potential.


Who are intentional about building people and are willing to invest in their people to enhance their performance.


And educational institutions who want to build the capacity of students, teachers and leadership.

Christian Leadership

Who want to know God at a deeper level and have a greater impact on the world around them.


Individuals and teams who believe in a coach approach to developing people and have a desire to build their knowledge understanding and skills in the area of personal and professional coaching.

At Design Coaching we work with you to design coaching mentoring and coach training packages to meet your needs
and help you and your teams reach their personal and professional potential.


Your Unique Design Space

Gallup Strengths Assessment and debriefing sessions for individuals and teams to understand their own and others unique design and why they individually think, feel and behave the way they do.

Prism Brain Mapping is assessment and debriefing sessions for individuals and teams to bring awareness to their natural and preferred behavioural styles and how this impacts on your daily personal and professional life.


Coaching Design Space

1 on 1 coaching for individuals and teams to help them achieve the outcomes they want in their personal and professional life.



Mental Fitness Design Space

6 week bootcamps for individuals and teams to help build the mental fitness needed to build lasting change in the areas of performance wellbeing and healthy  relationships.

Mental fitness workshops for teams to build awareness around mental fitness and its impact on performance wellness and healthy relationships.


Mentoring Design Space

Early Career teachers individual or group  mentoring sessions to help support and build the confidence, skills and mental fitness needed to as they start in their teaching career. 

Coach mentoring hours for ACC and PCC Certification with the International Coach Federation or those who want to grow in their coaching competency skills.


Coach Training Design Space

Coach training workshops for individuals and teams who want to build others using a coach approach to helping people reach their personal and professional potential.

We design with the heart and brain in mind. Each conversation is a design space that helps you move towards your personal and professional potential. In our conversations we share with people how the brain works so they become better leaders of themselves and others. We believe that people have a greater sense of achievement in their personal and professional lives if they understand why they need to change the way that they think and behave.

4 simple steps to helping you create the life that you want


Discover it

Work with your coach to help you discover your unique design. We offer Gallup Strengths or Prism Brain Mapping assessments and debriefing sessions to help you have a greater awareness of your natural design and how to use this design to move towards your personal and professional potential.


Dream it

Work with your coach to create inspiring personal and professional goals and dream about your ideal future.

Design it

Work with your coach to create a plan to get to where you want to get to and create a range of options on how to achieve your plan.


Disrupt it

Work with your coach to build the mental fitness needed to create lasting change and improve performance wellbeing and healthy relationships.


Deliver it

Work with your coach to action the plan that you have created celebrating your growth and achievements.



Develop it

Work with a trainer to grow in your coaching knowledge and skills through our coaching courses and 1 on 1 or group coach mentoring sessions. 

Timothy Gallwey – Inner game of Tennis

Allyson approached me for coaching in the first few months of a new career. At this time, I was working a large amount of hours and feeling quite insecure and anxious about many aspects, so I didn’t hesitate to take her up on it. From the first session, these issues began to subside both personally and professionally. Allyson was very easy to open up to, and through her initial questioning, I was able to form a clear and succinct goal. She was proactive in getting the session notes to me, and any other professional readings that were worthwhile to what I was focusing on. Immediately, I noticed an increase in my productivity at work, my insecurities subsided and I was able to begin to have some personal ‘me’ time outside of the job.  

Our sessions were regular enough for me to keep my goal in mind and actively work towards it. Allyson had a vast knowledge of coaching and always knew the right sorts of questions to ask, enabling some incredibly deep thinking and unpacking. Over the course of our sessions, I was able to achieve two professional goals that I still currently utilise. Although these were goals for work, I found the sessions really allowed clarity in many aspects of my life: my time became purposeful, my confidence grew, I was able to focus and make time for those things that are important to me, and my anxious feelings disappeared. I am incredibly grateful to Allyson for allowing me to work with her. 

Sarah Black (Teaching & Learning HOD)