Why the “Salt Shaker”

Recently I sat across the table as I watched a friend cover his dinner lavishly in salt. I can honestly say nothing on his plate missed the sprinkling of flavour. After placing the salt shaker back on the table he sheepishly looked up and exclaimed  “Now some people would consider that to be unhealthy! My quick response being “Well at least you wouldn’t get cramps! ”The moment quickly passed and we enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Over the next several days that moment of interaction didn’t leave me. I couldn’t work out why until…. I was at lunch at a local café with a girlfriend trying to come up with names for my blog. Suddenly and intentionally I picked up the Salt Shaker and began to sprinkle it across the top of the table. My friend who kindly hid her embarrassment listened as I explained the name and concept of my new blog. “Im going to call it The Salt Shaker”.

I went onto explain, “People young and not so young all have potential inside of them. Being intentional about developing that potential takes time and effort. If we are not intentional about growth then it doesn’t happen. The thing about potential is it affects the lives of those around us.  When we grow we add value to the lives of others. Other people benefit from our development .

Using this analogy… People are like Salt Shakers…  Inside the Salt Shaker is salt and we sprinkle it on food to add value or preserve something worth keeping. That’s the potential of the Salt Shaker.  If the shaker is void of salt or the salt looses its flavour then it adds no flavour and doesn’t preserve the way it was designed to. Therefore the sprinkling of the salt is ineffective or actually makes the food taste terrible.

By this stage I caught my friends attention …. I want to help people unlock the potential in their life by asking them to be intentional about spending  time and effort focusing on the salt that they put inside them.

How it works

Because we are intentional in helping you reach your personal and professional potential we will be blogging on different themes across the year.  This theme we choose is the opportunity for you to put this salt  in your salt shaker, then sprinkle it where you want to it to have impact.

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Use our 4 steps to build our blog theme into your life.


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